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About RentSeeDo

The story behind RentSeeDo.com

I want to rent a bike in a village, city or certain district and I prefer to do this online. Thing is: I can only make a reservation by phone or email. So I try to book by phone but there is no response. Or when I do get to speak to someone, they answer me in their own language. Annoying because I want to get this settled right away. To make a reservation by email is not an option because most of the time the reply comes to late. Forget it: I'm off! What happens next: I don't book the bike in advance and decide to rent the bike the same day I need it. But unfortunately: there are no more bikes available that day!

The problem is that the local bike rental has no knowledge about online booking and therefore misses a lot of opportunity's. There opens up a whole new world when bikes are bookable online. The challenge is to find a system that makes it possible to do so, difficulty hereby is to manage the stock. Other problem is that you need to be able to set time-tables; would you like to rent the bike for a day or a week? In addition, bike rentals are often small companies and don't have many financial space or skills to change. Our solution? An online booking system combined with a marketingplatform.

The road to solution

First we developed a simple but smart system specially for bike rentals. To offer this on a no cure no pay basis, the switch isn't that big and now many small companies use our booking system. Then we worked out a website to gather all these local bike rentals and make them bookable online. This way we help the local stores to offer their bikes online and the tourist is happy to book a bike in a fast and easy way.

We found out that the system is also perfect for other sorts of activities and companies with limited stock. This leads to the decision to approach other companies that could benefit from our system. Think about scooter- or boat rental, activities like bowling, segway tours or outdoor activities. You name it! The next step was quickly made: to develop a website where you can book all kind of activities, all over the world: www.RentSeeDo.com.

Since RentSeeDo.com is online, we connect about 25 activities each week. The range of items is growing fast, not only in the Netherlands but also international. New things are in the making: AdWords and social media campagnes are in development. Also ticketservices, musea and amusement parks are bookable per API key with rentseedo.com. And we work on the reception-app: a smart tool whereby the service of the hotel-receptionist becomes profit. Eventually it is possible to connect activities, events and tickets with accommodations in combination with sites as Tripadvisor, Booking.com and Airbnb.

Problem solved! I can book a bike via RentSeeDo.com to discover the city, buy a ticket for that new event during my stay and pay it all online. All in one place: RentSeeDo.com.

Erik Kroon
CEO RentSeeDo.com

Team RentSeeDo
Want to make a reservation? Call us, between 09:00 - 12:00 (GMT+1), on: (+31) 088-730 7600 Ask your question via Whatsapp: +31 9700 1823 131