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Is your company not yet listed on the collection site for activities, events, museums and attraction parks? And do you rent activities, manage a museum or attraction park or organize events? Then present your company now for free on RentSeeDo.com and reach thousands of extra customers! The customer searches for everything there is to do in the region and pays for your activities, admission or tickets directly online. Make sure that your business is listed and that the customer can find you!

RentSeeDo is a collection platform and presents information from the (ticket) reservation and inventory system LeisureKing. By registering your company, you receive this system from us. You can get to work immediately and easily enter your own information, inventory or offer. Your offer will thus be automatically visible on RentSeeDo, and your inventory is simultaneously clearly handled with LeisureKing.

Important to know: RentSeeDo does not place any accommodations, there are currently many other sites for that. Your activities, museum, events or attraction park in the Netherlands and Europe are thus central.

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Want to make a reservation? Call us, between 09:00 - 12:00 (GMT+1), on: (+31) 088-730 7600 Ask your question via Whatsapp: +31 9700 1823 131