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Is RentSeeDo.com an international site?
RentSeeDo.com started off in the Netherlands, and is now conquering the European market. It is our objective to assist you in your search for fun activities.

How safe is RentSeeDo.com?
Of course we work with the best server suppliers which provide us with the highest service level. Security is essential, which is why all communications are safely encrypted at the highest level desired. Payments you make through RentSeeDo.com are processed by Pay.nl. An online bank that ensures transactions are processed safely and also ensures the supplier is paid directly.

I have made a booking

I have booked an activity, How can I be sure I have actually made the booking?
If you have entered the correct email address, you will receive a ticket for your activity in your mailbox. Have you not received this email? Then please check you spam folder.

I have booked an activity, but have not received a ticket?
If you have entered the correct email address the ticket will have arrived in your inbox or spam folder. Please check this first.

I have booked an activity through RentSeeDo.com, but I would like to cancel it?
Please contact the company you have booked the activity with. It is up to them if they want to reschedule the activity or cancel it free of charge. RentSeeDo has no involvement in their decision and cannot be held liable for it.

The activity was not available, but I still received a ticket for it
RentSeeDo.com lists activities that are linked to the availability of the companies offering that activity. If it turns out that the rental company has no availability when you arrive, then something went wrong with their arrangements; not nice! The company will have to provide a solution. Always let RentSeeDo.com know how the company resolved the situation.


Will RentSeeDo improve my Google ranking?
For your own site you will have to see to your own Google ranking and that is not always easy. Preferably you would like to be at ranked at the top of the first page, but this is not always feasible. RentSeeDo.com will give your activities a top ranking on Google because RentSeeDo.com invests in online marketing.

I have a museum and already sell tickets through my own site, can, will I be able to join RentSeeDo.com?
You can always join RentSeeDo.com. Create an account on the RentSeeDo.com website so we can send the person that has made the booking a ticket with your details. Are you already using bar codes, then please contact us to discuss the options.

I have activities for rent, but do not have a reservation system yet.
Then you can also join RentSeeDo. You can use RentSeeDo’s booking system, which will make your activities bookable online and will enable you to rent out your equipment in a controlled manner.

What is RentSeeDo.com’s revenue model?
Your listing on RentSeeDo.com is free of charge . RentSeeDo.com’s earnings are commission-based and amount to 8% of the turnover. In addition RentSeeDo.com receives earnings from the transaction costs paid by the person that has made the booking. RentSeeDo only receives commission when an actual booking has been made.

What does RentSeeDo do for me?
RentSeeDo gives you an opportunity to promote your company free of charge. In order to do this you will receive your own login which will enable you to enter your details. RentSeeDo uses a location-based search engine and will only show your company when a visitor enters the name of your city, town or village. RentSeeDo uses AdWord campaigns, radio adverts and various social media channels to boost your bookings.

How does RentSeeDo make sure I will receive my money?
In order to join RentSeeDo.com you need to open a Pay.nl bank account which will enable you to receive your earnings directly and it guarantees payment. Of course RentSeeDo.com will ensure your registration process runs smoothly and fast.

How will I know that someone booked my activity?
Of course RentSeeDo.com will send a confirmation to both the client and you, the rental company.
This way you will know you when you have clients. You will receive the client’s details directly and will of course be able to contact them if you wish to do so. In addition you will also be able to use the RentSeeDo booking system which supplies you with a digital calendar so you can view future bookings.

Will I immediately receive all details of the person that has made the booking?
Yes. When a booking is made through RentSeeDo.com you will immediately receive the details of the person that has made the booking.

Can I offer all my activities online through RentSeeDo?
Yes. If your activities have added value for tourists in your city, town, village or region, then all you activities are very welcome.

I would like to offer my activities, but am not sure if I can supply them.
You can only be listed on RentSeeDo.com when you also use RentSeeDo’s booking application. This application is provided on a no cure no pay basis and can also be used as a booking system for your whole company.

Will RentSeeDo’s software be installed on my computer?
No. RentSeeDo will send you login details which will enable you to be listed on RentSeeDo the next day.

Does RentSeeDo use contracts?
No, you can always decide to cancel your listing on RentSeeDo.com and are able to cancel our cooperation at any moment. Always let us know the reason of your cancellation so we can try to find a solution.

Can anyone be listed on RentSeeDo.com?
We do not make exceptions. All companies, big or small, are welcome on RentSeeDo.com. We feel that a more complete listing offers a better choice to visitors of your city, town, village or region.

Can the person that has made the booking leave a review?
When a client has used your service, he or she will automatically receive a survey about it in his or her mailbox. This way RentSeeDo provides you with an opportunity, free of charge, to find out how clients appraise you. Of course we will also show these reviews in the listings so new clients can see you well you are doing.

What information is listed exactly on a RentSeeDo ticket ?
It lists the name of the person that has booked the activitiy, a bar code (that you can scan at the entrance) and of course the activity that has been booked. In the RentSeeDo booking system you will of course be able to check or scan the ticket. Are you using your own bar code? Please contact us.

I do not want clients to able to book online on a day that has already started, can this be taken into account?
Yes, it certainly can. For each activity you can specify a certain booking margin which indicates how many days in advance your services can be booked online through RentSeeDo. If you do not want any surprises on the day once it has started, you can indicate this in the system.

I also offer my services on other websites, can I still be listed on RentSeeDo.com?
You sure can. You can decide for yourself how much activity stock or ticket stock you list on RentSeeDo.com. This way you can be sure you will not run into trouble with your stock or with other websites.

I am organising an event, can I also be listed on RentSeeDo.com?
Yes you can, of course the event will not be listed anymore after it has finished and you can also let RentSeeDo handle the payments. This way you will have regulated your tickets immediately.

Can I also list my hotel or accommodation on RentSeeDo.com?
RentSeeDo has not been developed for accommodations like hotels, holiday parks, caravan parks or camp sites. There are already plenty of booking websites to list your location on. However, chances are that RentSeeDo.com can be linked to these websites.

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