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Our promises

  • RentSeeDo.com ensures that the payment that you make is done securely.We thus promise that we will handle your money properly.
  • On RentSeeDo.com, you will find the best price. We dislike showing the prices of others. So we do not do that. Raising prices? Also something we do not like. We know that you want to have the best price, and that you will look elsewhere otherwise. And we do not want that!
  • We promise to save your details securely and not to do any strange things with them. If you register for our newsletter, then of course you can expect periodic mails from us.
  • We only work with partners that are trustworthy. They provide fun activities, have a great museum or a cool attraction. When there are complaints about these partners, we promise that we will do something about that. Do you have a complaint? You can always submit a response to the online survey that you receive from us.
  • Only you as a booker can judge us. We keep it honest that way. That means that the reviews that you find on RentSeeDo.com have only been entered by bookers.
  • It can happen that we do not have an activity or an attraction on our site. This is not because we do not want that, but probably because we do not know about it! You help us enormously when you give us a tip, especially about fun, unique, active or exciting activities.
  • We promise that every attraction or activity can be listed on our site. We namely find it stupid if certain companies are not allowed, for whatever reason.
  • We promise that we can always offer an activity somewhere in the world. This will not yet be the case in 2016, since we need a bit of time. But we are going to do everything that we can so that you can go do something fun during your stay in Fels?szenterzsébet. And who knows… someday on the moon!
  • We also promise you that if an activity or attraction is repeatedly judged poorly, we will show this on the site. Bookers with RentSeeDo.com do not lie, so be warned.

What we cannot promise.

Some things cannot be promised, and it is best to be honest. That is how it works with RentSeeDo.

It can happen that your tickets or confirmation are sent to your Spam folder. This is irritating and often incomprehensible. Always check your spam box before you panic. No tickets or confirmation to be found? Then it might be that you have not paid. Have you paid? Then contact the provider of the activity or activities in question. They received your reservation and can provide you with a confirmation. If they again fail to send you the confirmation, then try using a different e-mail address.

If an activity cannot take place, for whatever reason, then we cannot promise that you will get your money back. This is a real inconvenience and it sounds quite stupid, but if the weather is bad and you do not go cycling, we understand that. Unfortunately, though, the bicycle rental company might see it differently. Try to resolve it with them, for example, by asking whether you can go cycling on a different day.

If the activity or attraction was not fun and you want to complain about it, we promise that you can submit a complaint through our survey. But the best thing is to complain on that day. Then you are addressing the right person and achieve the most. We unfortunately cannot promise that complaints will always be resolved or resolved on site.

We want to be active in every country: first in Europe, and then in the rest of the world. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that you will be able to book an activity or an attraction in Gambia, Latvia or Suriname next year or the year after. But we are working hard on it!

Not as clear as we hoped it would be? Feel free to contact us!

Want to make a reservation? Call us, between 09:00 - 12:00 (GMT+1), on: (+31) 088-730 7600 Ask your question via Whatsapp: +31 9700 1823 131